Event Entertainment

Would you like to significantly increase the number of potential customers who stop at your trade-show booth? The Party People are highly skilled and experienced performers with a true talent for drawing large groups of people to your exhibit and holding their attention.

Making attendees "appear" in your exhibit is only the first trick a tradeshow magician can perform... The real magic is our ability to:

• ATTRACT a record-size crowd to your booth.

• COMMUNICATE your sales message so it is understood.

• AMAZE your prospects so you will be remembered.

Our magic leaves potential clients with a positive, lasting impression of your product and receptive to your message.

“Your magic was brilliant. Even after the show was over, people were arguing over how you did it. We are very pleased and excited with the program.”

-Linda Roof, National Association of Insurance Women


The show is completely self-contained (except only for an electrical outlet!). Party People professionalism leaves you free to focus on your guests and enjoy your own banquet!
During the show, your guests don't simply appear as assistants on stage. They become an integral part of the show's surprises and running gags, which creates memories that last long after your company banquet is over.
You can add a strolling magic and comedy option before dinner during a social hour or as your guests are arriving. Strolling magic is a great icebreaker and will get your event started with the right fun feeling.

“Thank you so much for making me look good! Many attendees told me this was the best entertainment we have ever had. Everyone had a great time!”

-Jeanette McWilliams, Irish Club

Sales Meetings

Many great salespeople love magic because they're creative and enjoy activities involving social interaction. Well-performed magic is one of the most unique, creative, socially interactive forms of entertainment in existence. Inviting the Party People to entertain your sales team is a great way to thank them for another year of hard work and increased sales figures.
Magic is adaptable to different themes and settings, it's an extremely effective sales tool. We can teach your salespeople how to incorporate key sales points into a memorable, mind-boggling magic presentation, enabling them to leave existing and potential customers with a positive, lasting impression of your products or services.

“A great show! Our group thoroughly enjoyed it!”

-Wayne Harris, Prime Time Tours

Holiday Parties and Other Company Events

Whether it's a holiday dinner or customer cocktail party, hiring The Party People to perform walk-around or stand-up magic at your company gathering is a great way to thank your employees or customers for another successful year.

The Party People’s highly interactive, mind-boggling magic, combined with their engaging personalities and quirky sense of humor, is something your guests will talk about for years to come.

“We should have put boxes of Kleenex on the tables. We were in tears. I have never heard any of our group laugh at any of our meetings like they did at this one, thank you… You were really hilarious!”

-Margie Read, Arkansas Valley FCU

Mingling, Strolling, Walk-Around or Networking Magic

Strolling magic is a close-up performance that does not involve a stage show. It typically involves a magician walking around and mingling with people, doing magic tricks in an intimate setting right before people's eyes. Strolling magic is recommended for people who do not want to a lot a specific time during their event for a show, and instead work it in throughout the event.
Most people at a networking event have never met, which is where magic comes into play. Our close-up magic breaks the ice, facilitates introductions, and gets people talking! It’s a great way to get them laughing, loosened up and having fun. And having an extensive history with marketing, sales and business, we are able to entertain with magic while relating to your guests by casually discussing business.
Everyone in attendance will have a great time, enjoy the magic and remember your event for months to come.

“What a treat! Perfect entertainment – perfectly presented!”

-Dixie Shade, Casper, WY