• Visit your library often
• Read at least 20 – 30 minutes every single day
• Take very, very good care of your books

“Mr. E and Kyle always have new material to keep audiences guessing. We keep inviting them back year after year. Mr. E and Kyle are personable, professional and excellent performers. We love working with them and our patrons love their shows!”

-Maria Kramer, Youth Services Manager, Pueblo City-County Library District, Pueblo, CO

“The Incredible Mr. E and Kyle have presented summer reading programs for us the past four years. Our library audiences are always filled with all ages, tiny tots to adults and the magic in their show always keeps them all entertained, clapping and eagerly awaiting to see what will come next. We also take their show to our day camps and the result is the same – the kids love the chance to see a good magician.”

-Jerry Jones, Youth Service Manager – Natrona County Public Library, Casper, WY

“Mr. E and Kyle have surprised and delighted children and families at Pueblo City-County Libraries for many years. Their show is always very entertaining and enjoyed by all ages and they promote a love of reading and for libraries. They are highly professional and have always been easy to work with. I look forward to having them a PCCLD for years to come.”

-Janina Goodwin – Rawlings Library Manager, Pueblo, CO

“Their programming and performances are of high quality and related to the theme of the year. They keep the children engaged and excited about reading with their many magic tricks. The music background is lively and keeps things moving fast. I highly recommend them and we are definitely looking forward to having them back.”

-Phyllis Kilgroe, Youth Service Specialist – Carnegie Public Library, Trinidad, CO

“I am pleased to recommend the services of The Party People. Pueblo City-County Library District has hired The Party People for multiple programs throughout the year and have always been very happy with their services. They always respond to communication in a timely manner, do an excellent job performing and engaging with their audience, are always punctual and have been great to work with. Children and adults enjoy their performances which always draw a huge crowd.”

-Sara Schwartz – Program and Events Manager, Pueblo CO

When Kyle Groves and “Mr. E” come to your library, you can expect nothing but pure admiration for the library system and all that it does for our youth and families.

There will be tons of fun, but kids and adults alike will learn three very valuable things that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

First, guests hear why it is important to visit the library often.

By visiting the library, you can find a way to make your imagination soar. You will also find that by visiting your library often you are able to develop relationships with not only the librarians, but also with fellow patrons. Those relationships can turn into lifelong friendships.

Next, once you find out that reading at least 20 -30 minutes every single day not only let’s your l creativity loose, but also allows you to educate yourself and makes you more aware of the world that you live in. Better than any video game or TV show will ever do for you.

Lastly, books are one of the best resources each of us has. It is important to not destroy the books by tearing pages or writing in them. They are not just two covers with a bunch of pages in them, they are resources that we can use to explore the world.

“I recommend Mr. E and Kyle Groves and their amazing magic show. The Lewis & Clark Library’s summer program is open to all ages and the young and “young at heart” all marveled at their magical expertise. Other libraries would be very pleased with the showmanship and pleasant wow factor of these wonderful performers.”

-Marissa Bazan, Children Services Librarian – Lewis & Clark Library

Helena, MT

Every year, Kyle and “Mr. E” create a brand-new show that is completely revolved around the National Summer Reading Theme. But, it doesn’t just have to be summer reading, any time is a great time to encourage young people and those young at heart that reading is a skill we all need and should pursue. And that is exactly what you will see happen when you invite The Party People, Kyle and “Mr. E” to your library.

There will be a lot of fun for all ages, everyone will laugh (sometimes uncontrollably). The will get involved, everyone will be yelling the magic words together and those magic words have something to do with reading. There will be surprises as you witness state-of-the-art magic performed by seasoned professionals.

So now, it is up to you….

Don’t you want to make more kids, teens and adults read…. So, do we!

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“The Party People provide more attendance than any other program held at our library. They are engaging to the children and teach them reading is important and fun. I would definitely recommend them for your community.”

-Paula Shane – Bent County Library District, Las Animas, CO